Saturday, July 11, 2009

Short Update

Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I got a job in Ponca City, Oklahoma at the end of May (or was it the beginning of June? I'm confusing the two job offers I had - I accepted one and not the other, and they were a week apart) and moved here in mid-June. I am still not completely settled - I had been staying in a camper my parents let me borrow, at an RV park just outside town, but at the beginning of July started renting a house with a lab tech who works for the staffing agency I used to work for - she will be working in the lab until I am out of training. Once she leaves and the owner empties the house (she was renting it fully furnished, decorated, bills paid, etc), I will be renting it on my own and moving all of my stuff up from Dallas.

So for now, I am less "moved in" than I was even when I stayed with my parents the last few months, because I have to have all my kitchen stuff but yet there is no room in the kitchen for it... and I don't want to put stuff away in furniture that will be sold off in less than a month, so everything in my room is staying in boxes. Needless to say, no embroidery or weaving has been done in about 6 weeks, between the camper and here!! I haven't done much besides play computer games and work.

I will definitely update again when I do more!