Monday, May 25, 2009

floss choice

I was going to post this quite a bit earlier, but my computer decided to act up. I used three patterns from the Spaced Out pattern sheet (which Sublime Stitching so kindly sent me last week) on my band sampler - they cover two of the panels - and I've been working on them tonight. I had a hard time deciding between two color sets - here are the pictures.
I ended up choosing the pink because my sampler has so much pink in it, but then when I was working on her clothes (the darkest pink, on the end) I decided to use the sparkley green (pearlescent effects, like the pink on the other end of the pink "pile") for some of the stuff in her helmet. THEN I decided to make her skin green, like an Orion chick from Star Trek. :-) I haven't started on the skin yet - the belt took quite a while, I filled it with tiny little chain stitches except the buckle, which has one algerian stitch, and now I'm working on her hair, which is in the variegated floss third from the right end (on the long thing, not still in a regular skein), and I'm a little disappointed. Had I used the second one from that end, I would have expected her hair to end up looking rather white, but I expected the one I used to look more pink than it does. I think I'll end up adding some stripes of a solid light pink when I fill in her hair (which I wasn't really planning to do until it came out that way).
I'll post pics in a bit.

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sharonb said...

great to hear of progress hope you post pics soon - I am curious