Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sublime Stitching

I've been working on stuffed animals lately (and job-hunting), so haven't done much embroidery, but I got it back out tonight. As soon as I finish three frogs and a flamingo (sounds like a drink or a band, or a very odd code phrase...), I'm going to get the stuff back out and work on it. I suppose I could keep it out as well as the weaving, but I tend to be the kind of person who has to SEE EVERYTHING, not just rummage around in my bag every once in a while for something, so it all gets spread out on the couch next to me, and having two crafts out at once would just make an even larger mess.

I did, however, go through my embroidery bag (which I got out of storage last month when I went to TX) and found my "stitch-it kit" from Sublime Stitching. I bought it in a bookstore a few years ago (05? around the time I was dating Jeff, I think - that's the last time I was really in to embroidery - I remember starting a needlepoint stocking for him but not wanting to do the name in case we broke up so I could put a different name on it) (it's still not done, still has no name, still in storage) (actually, they never got all the floss for it in for me) -

ANYWAY. My kit. I had noticed an ad on Facebook for Sublime Stitching, and it had the Rocketgirl on there, and I thought "hey! I recognize her!" so I went to my bag and dug out the kit - that design wasn't in the kit, but I do have an Eiffel Tower, a couple of guitars, and some other cool stuff I can put on my sampler (for variety in between the bands). I also saw a pattern for napkin rings on the site and had the idea to make some with my 2x6 weavette, adding a band of embroidery around the center of the ring before I take them off the loom. I can't wait to get those made!

I went to the Sublime website - they have a lot more designs than the last time I was there! WOW. Absolutely gorgeous. And I love the fact that they are iron-ons. I love the designs on Urban Threads, but I do love the convenience of the iron-on. I didn't do the transfer of the one design I'm doing from UT very well, and it is very faint and rubbing off. It doesn't look exactly like it's supposed to. I'm not TOO worried about it, but it's also just for me, not for someone else - were it for someone else, I would want the pattern to look better. Of course, I didn't have transfer paper or a light table when I did it - I used a grey quilting pencil and taped it to a window, and the fabric is tea-dyed, so of course it's faint... but had it been an iron-on, I wouldn't have had that problem. UT does definitely have more variety than SS, though. SS is cheaper, however, since they have so many grouped on one page. Then again, the transfers only last about 20 times compared to unlimited use for the graphic download... I suppose if the pattern is still visible on the SS sheet after the transfer has transferred for the last time, you can use it the same way as the download.

I think it's apples and oranges. They're both great. :-) I just need to get a job now so I can order from Sublime Stitching - I have a lot of patterns in this kit, but I still want the outer space set! And a few others. I'm just glad I have the Eiffel Tower!!! :-)

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You might want to read about the problems Sublime has had with that company: