Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sublime Stitching Rocks!

After the post I made about the kit I have from Sublime Stitching, I got an e-mail today from them - they are sending me the Spaced Out sheet! Isn't that sweet?! THAT is a company that cares about their customers!! :-)

Another response I got to that post was a comment with a link to a blog post about a big controversy over Urban Threads. I'm very sad now - and torn. I do really like their designs, but how can I, in good conscience, buy from them if they are ripping off designs from Sublime Stitching and falsely promoting themselves as a small, independent company when they are a subdivision of a huge corporation? Actually, to be honest, the last part wouldn't stop me from buying from them as long as they had designs I wanted to use (which they do) - but the whole thing of taking designs that Jenny Hart made and just altering them a little and then selling them for more... ugh. I'm glad I haven't bought any of THOSE (afaik).

I had heard, a few weeks ago, that there was some kind of "bad deal" with UT - I had wanted to submit someone I know as the guest artist, but although she was honored, etc., she said I should look into them. I kept my head in the sand. See no evil, etc. :-) Sigh. I STILL want Eliza to do embroidery patterns, though - I love her artwork! Her chair and house ATCs are among my favorites. She's more in to yarn and soap now, but I think she could probably still whip out a few sketches. :-) I'm pretty sure she's a fan of SS, too...

Back to working on MY designs. And watching Criminal Minds. The guys in the ice cave were inspired by episodes of science fiction shows - still wondering exactly what one would DO with it, though...

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